Grand Rapids Woodworking



Grand Rapids Woodworking, LLC is a full service custom woodworking shop providing specialty wood products to residents and businesses of West Michigan.

The skills of the artisans at Grand Rapids Woodworking, LLC encompass furniture making, woodturning, veneer work, reproductions, sculptural art pieces, and more. Emphasizing aesthetics as well as craftsmanship, we pride ourselves in creating works that are both artistic and functional. We collaborate with designers, architects, contractors, businesses, and individuals to bring ideas to life.


Matthew Hutchinson, Founding Artisan

Born and raised in St. Joseph, MI, I have always had a love for the arts. Through grade school and high school my creativity was encouraged and nurtured as I explored music, theater, visual arts, woodworking, and luthiery.

Residing in Grand Rapids, MI, I am currently focusing on the woodworking arts, especially woodturning. My vision is to create elegant yet imaginative works of art and one of a kind furniture while which display the natural beauty of the wood I use. Established in 2008, Grand Rapids Woodworking, LLC is an avenue through which I hope to contribute to the history and culture of fine woodworking in West Michigan.